Who are we?

  • Jonathan Wolf

    Jonathan Wolf


    Jonathan manages the business side of TXN, after holding leadership roles at Bazaarvoice (Nasdaq:BV) and Coremetrics (acquired by IBM). He holds a CS degree from MIT, but his professors would be disappointed at how little code he's written since. Although he is a diehard fan of his hometown Miami Heat, Jonathan is a proud Warriors season ticket holder and can often be found extolling the virtues of a "positionless" lineup.

  • Pasha Bitz

    Pasha Bitz


    Pasha leads product and engineering at TXN. He has 15 years of building software behind him, most recently with Yub (acquired by Coupons.com), TrialPay (acquired by Visa) and Delver (acquired by Sears Holdings). In his spare time he goes on motorcycle road trips, burns things in the kitchen and enjoys NorCal's great outdoors. Pasha watched every documentary on Netflix.

  • Alex Rampell

    Alex Rampell


    Alex is the Chairman of the Board of TXN, where he assists with general business strategy. Previously, Alex co-founded and served as CEO of TrialPay, a leading alternative payment and advertising network that was acquired by Visa; he is also a prolific angel investor in companies like Pinterest, Bloomreach, and OrderAhead. When he is not strategizing, Alex collects a seemingly endless supply of free (but nice!) startup logo apparel from the finest purveyors of cloth in San Francisco.